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The value of coins and other things are usually based on a perceived worth rather than an absolute worth. Continue reading

Above the Clouds

When it is constantly raining, it is sometimes hard to remember what sunshine is like. But remember, we must. Continue reading

Chain Breaker


Feelings of imprisonment can keep us from the freedom we see all around us. Life can lead... Continue reading

Hills and Valleys


Whether high or low, this article speaks clearly of never being alone. Continue reading


Freedom is a costly thing - which makes it all the more precious. Continue reading


February is referred to as the month of love. Continue reading


Undo, redo, start is a new year and a new opportunity! Continue reading

Wonderful Things

Cute, cuddly, pretty, soft....things that make us smile... Continue reading


Sometimes all we can do is just wait... Continue reading


I was backed into a corner... Continue reading