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Sometimes we simply have to do the right thing even if it’s boring. I have to admit…standing outside to hand-water the lawn has never been my idea of a fun time. But, because my husband is always doing things for me, I couldn’t bring myself to tell him ‘no’ when he asked me to water the area where he had put down some grass seed. He was going out of town and the weather report was for sunny skies and warm days, and he didn’t want it to die off before it really had a chance to live. I wanted to spend those precious few moments washing down walls, hunting dust bunnies, plucking a chicken, or doing ANYTHING other than something boring like watering the brown spot there in the grass.

Later that day I began to feel a teensy bit guilty for my attitude regarding the inconvenience of going out and putting some water where it was needed so I decided I needed to rethink the issue. It takes all of about maybe 10 minutes to wet down the area and be on with my evening. Would I truly rather pluck a chicken (that we don’t even have) than help out the guy who is always willing to do anything I ask? SIGH

Since life is not all about me, I decided to put a smile on my face and just go do it. Funny thing is, once I saw the pretty miniature rainbow in the water hose spray that fanned out across the dry ground, I remembered just how much I really do like being a part of growing green stuff. That’s when my perspective changed and I began to smile for real. Soon I will be starting my garden and then reaping the rewards of my labor. Because it has been a long cold winter, I had totally forgotten the feeling of satisfaction which being a part of nature brings me.

Now, as I take these warmer days and go stand outside and help my hubby, I use that time to allow the peacefulness of the setting sun to remind me of how good it will be to see a plush green lawn – thanks to the precious gift of water.

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