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Undo, redo, start over…it is a new year and a new opportunity!

Every year about this time, I take a few moments to reflect on the year past and the year to come. What did I like about my life during the past year so I want to repeat it in the coming year? Since I cannot change what has already transpired, is there anything I can do differently next year to make it a better one or perhaps is there anything completely new that I’d like to try out?

Don’t you just love the thought of re-imagining or re-creating or re-aligning your life? It sparks so much hope that I don’t want to wait…I want to get started right away! So then, let’s do it! We don’t need to wait for the situation we are in to change, wait until the people in our lives change, or even wait for the obscure “someday” to arrive. We have been given a git of time that only holds so many hours in a day and then it starts over. The sun sets, and then it rises. Winter doesn’t last forever, and neither does the scorching heat of summer.

In the book of Lamentations, chapter 3, we are told that the Lord’s mercy never ends and his compassion is new every morning! This means that even if we feel like a failure, we get a fresh “do-over” any time we need one. If you think about it there is no need for a time clock in heaven because earthly time is irrelevant in light of eternity. The “new every morning” really means that it is always going to be there for us just like the sun will never fail to rise again.

Go ahead and re-establish your resolve to do better, get better, be better. Choose to start again on the road to a closer walk with God and talking with him on a regular basis. Remember that if you somehow stray off course, he will help you get back on track. Know that no matter what, you are loved and the angels are all cheering you on as you head towards your destiny!

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