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Valentines come in all different wrappings. They could be sisters, teachers, or even neighbors. Here are a few thoughts and poems.

For those who do not have a valentine:

Just because you haven’t found that elusive soul mate does not mean you can’t feel the love this Valentine’s Day. You know that warm fuzzy feeling that we call love? It is in your heart even if you don’t have someone to share it with. If you think about it, you can feel it. What brings on that feeling? Is it a past lover, your family, your pet? Maybe it is the beauty or joy in your life. Maybe it is your faith in God or your spirituality. Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate love. I hope you can find it inside of you and offer it to the world around you. This world needs more love, and Valentine’s Day is a day to recognize this and to spread it around. Even if you do it solo.

Dear Mom, Friends and lovers have come and gone.

Through the delicate lace in my heart

But my love for you cannot flow through


Someone who will understand, Who knows the way I feel

Someone who has walked my way, who knows my every need

Times when she would see me cry, Her heart would nearly bleed

Everyone should have a sister, Just the way I do

Richly blessed is what I am, To have a sister like you

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