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Whether high or low, this article speaks clearly of never being alone.

Hills and Valleys by Tauren Wells rejoices that God is with us always, when we struggle and when we succeed. In the past, I had set up my tent in my valley. I had no idea He was with me. I suffered from feelings of fear, rejection, and abandonment. I believed I was unlovable. Two very important people in my life taught me that in God’s eyes, I was and had always been loved. This turning point in my life led me to realize that I am never alone! When I am in my valleys struggling to keep my head up, He is there to hold my hand. When I’ve climbed a mountain and reach the top, I thank Him for all He has done to get me there. I pray to Him every morning for strength and wisdom to be the best person I can be and every night I thank Him for helping me get through the day. Our days are full of hills and valleys big and small, and through God’s grace, we are NEVER alone!

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